As I’m sure you know, before any product launches, the aim is to build a little buzz and get people registered to a prelaunch list (if you haven’t already done so, then you can sign up here). One of the easiest ways (and quickest) is to get listed on a range of ‘coming soon’ platforms who then promote your soon-to-launch product to their email subscribers and social media followers.

In this blog post, I want to take you through the steps we have taken so far to build the prelaunch list and how we’ve unfortunately wasted the majority of our time so far.

Where we have Submitted

We’re constantly looking for new places to submit QuickQuu, but so far, here are the following places we have submitted QuickQuu along with how much traffic and how many leads those places have generated:

BetaList – You probably already know that BetaList is the ultimate platform to get your startup listed on. They’re quite strict about the prelaunch pages they’ll accept (in other words, you need to put some effort in) but when you do get published you’ll certainly reap the rewards. Admittedly, we did pay the $129 fee so that we could jump the queue and get QuickQuu published in a few days, as opposed to a few months. You can find our page on BetaList here.

In the week that followed getting published, we received 135 unique visits with 76 new leads on our prelaunch list. Stupidly, we submitted QuickQuu just before Christmas which I’m sure had an impact on the traffic. Even so, at $129 for 76 leads, we have paid just $1.64 per lead – Certainly doable. We are still getting a few clicks and the odd lead from BetaList so that cost-per-lead is constantly dropping.

What we did find is that soon after getting published to BetaList, we were bombarded with emails from other platforms who were promising they were the next best place and we should submit to them too (often for a fee).

BetaPage – Following on from BetaList, we did discover BetaPage after being sent a tweet by one of their team and decided to also submit to BetaPage as we had nothing to lose.

Since submitting to them just over a week ago, we’ve had 20 unique visits and just 2 leads on the prelaunch list. Certainly not in the same league as BetaList.

r/SideProject on Reddit – To be fair, this subreddit does get spammed daily with new projects so it’s not surprising really that it only generated 9 unique visits and 1 lead on our prelaunch list but it did take seconds to submit and it’s a lead we didn’t have previously.

More to Come – Building a coming soon list isn’t a one time thing and it’s no use being lazy about it by submitting to just three places and then crossing your fingers. We will be pushing QuickQuu on other platforms, across social media and we’ll also be thinking outside the box a little to get more people onto that lucrative prelaunch list.

The Lesson?

Well the obvious point to make is that BetaList have clearly cornered the beta launch curation space and it doesn’t look like anyone is going to challenge them any time soon. However, that’s a very basic way of looking at things. BetaPage may have only generated 2 leads but those 2 leads could both become long term paying customers in the future which suddenly makes BetaPage worth submitting to.

However, based on our initial numbers and the time we have put in, BetaList has currently proven to be the most successful and worthwhile platform to use.

Do you have any experience with platforms like BetaList and BetaPage? What were your own results like?