I’m not even sure how I’m feeling at the moment. Anxious. Excited. Apprehensive. Nervous.

If you’ve ever launched anything then you probably understand the exact feeling you get as you finally get ready to open your creation up to other people.

But we’re incredibly close to finally opening up the doors to our beta testers. If you haven’t already, then make sure you grab a spot on the QuickQuu beta to take advantage of 100 free days of access.

So What’s the Plan?

Well we’re not quite ready to open the doors to our beta team just yet, but we’re close. We’ve got another week or two of tweaks and testing to do at our end and then those doors will open wide for the beta testers to flood in.

At the start of June, if you’re a beta tester, you’ll get an email containing your sign up link which will give you an instant 100 days of free access to QuickQuu.

During this time, we want to hear any comments, feedback and criticism of QuickQuu.

Once we’ve fixed any issues (as I’m sure there will be some) we will publicly launch QuickQuu.


And Then…

We’ll be looking to steadily and consistently grow the number of paying customers at QuickQuu and will be documenting the processes we take to do this here on the Journey site.

To avoid missing any of our journey posts, we send email notifications when a new post goes live. You can sign up at the end of this post. Don’t worry, you’ll only receive an email when we publish a new post – That’s it.

We’ve got big plans for the coming months to get us from $0 MRR to $1,000 MRR as quickly as possibly. From hopefully launching on Product Hunt to doing what we can with social media. We’ll be using a mix of free and paid, unscalable and scalable methods to bring members in.

So wish us luck and keep an eye out for our eventual launch!