I’ve always been a huge fan of the Open Startups at Baremetrics and the journey blog posts by the help desk platform Groove which is why I’ve decided to publish an open and honest account of taking QuickQuu from nothing to $1,000 in MRR.

During our journey, I will cover the highs and the lows and the ins and outs of taking QuickQuu from an idea on a scrap of paper to a revenue generating Buffer extension.

What to Expect Over the Coming Months

On our journey blog, I will be covering everything we do to take it from idea to launched product and then will continue to cover the growth of QuickQuu over the months that follow.

The plan is to launch QuickQuu in the middle of Spring 2017, but before then, we’ll be working hard at growing our prelaunch beta list. I will publish exactly what we do to build that beta list and share exact figures with you as we go.

Once we’ve launched to the beta list, we’ll then soft launch QuickQuu and aim to get a steady stream of new users signed up every week. How we do this will be shared with everyone here on the journey blog.

Our aim is to hit 120 paying members as soon as possible. That many paying members will ensure we just exceed our goal of $1,000 in MRR. How quick we can do this is yet to be seen…

I’m incredibly excited for both QuickQuu and for the journey blog so if you have any questions to ask (or simply want to wish us luck) then please do drop a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.